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"Pets or Nah?" Part2

In this episode of Tribe Chats we do a follow up about a conversation we had a few episodes ago, about pets. We discussed how pets are so much of a responsibility, especially a dog. My guy DJ THREEDE (a part of the tribe), joins us with a couple of stories about adding a new member to his family, a puppy named Kai. After hearing this you may have a different opinion on owning a dog. 

"Becasue I said so" Doen't work in 2021

In this episode of Tribe Chats, Hapa and Coach Fig talk about the importance of instilling kids with discipline, but not in the way that many of us grew up.  The idea of throwing out some of these old adages such as "Do what I say and not as I do" or "Because I'm your Dad and I said so" don't work these days and modern day fathers need to adapt and find ways to communicate with respect and love. 

"Pets or Nah?"

In this episode of Tribe Chats we get into a big topic about pets. Yes, I said it, pets. We all feel a certain way when it comes to dogs, cats, hamsters, reptiles, whatever it may be. I'm also certain that at one time or another the conversation about introducing a pet into the family has come up at the dinner table; especially with our kids telling us "Please, dad, can we get a dog or cat? I promise I will take care of it!” We all know in the long running that it's ‘us’ parents doing all the work.

Allowance and more... 

When should you start making your kids do chores?  What chores should be considered chores and which are simply the "price to live in this house"?!  We tackle some of these questions and have an open discussion around chores, allowance and exposing our kids to money. 

In this "Tribe Chat", Spider, Fig, and myself (Hapa) connect to chat about how we go about approaching the allowance situation.  This topic was fresh on my mind as my 7 year old daughter Ellie was interested in starting to do chores around the house.  This isn't the first iteration of this as we have had her doing chores in the past, but it was important for me to try and figure out how we could develop a system that would create some structure in our home and was something that we would be able to maintain over time. 

I found that paying her in cash and trying to manually keep track of the chores didn't seem ideal, so as most of us would do in 2021, I jumped on Google.  "Best Debit Cards for Kids" was in the search bar.  I did quite a lot of research and stumbled upon 2 solutions that seemed to fit what I was looking for: Greenlight and OhHenry.  

Both seemed to provide some great tools: 

  • Allowance tracking within the app
  • Customized Debit Cards for an additional fee
  • Spending and Budget Goals
  • Spending vs Savings vs Giving "Buckets"
  • Backed by banks

The biggest reason(s) why I decided to try Greenlight instead of OhHenry: 

  • US based vs UK based (Team USA, All Day)
  • $3.99 per month for up to 5 kids (I have 3 and I assume that at some point, I will have all 3 on this...)

What are you using to track your kids chores?  Do your kids get an allowance?  Any tips to be able to share with fellow dads?  

We'd love to hear from you!