Carlos Montalvo

After 35 years living in Silicon Valley and leading the charge in the tech industry, Carlos Montalvo and his family left it all behind and bought an avocado grove in Northern California. From tech giant to local farmer, with wife, Cecilia and his now four grown kids, he was now living out his dream, a dream of owning a ranch he could one day leave to his kids and grandkids. Add text

Re-nesting on an Avocado Farm with Carlos Montalvo

We visited Carlos’s ranch to see his dream come to life in person. Hear about how ranch life has shaped his influence as a father, at a stage when most parents would consider themselves to be ‘empty nesters’, Carlos calls him and his wife ‘re nesters’. 

Learn about his take on parenting, and his approach as a parent to live the life you want to lead while your child adjusts to your living. 

We also find, he may tending to his avocado grove on any given day, but on Sundays, as a man of family rituals, you’ll most likely catch him sitting around the dinner table with his family before sun down.